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Natural and Cultural Resource Preservation And Protection Program (NCRP3) RESPONSE TEAM

Del Norte County is excited to announce its newest and most unique annex. Learn more about the NCRP3 Disaster Plan HERE


Del Norte County is known for its impressive natural and cultural resources; yet significant gaps remain regarding planning or other initiatives to protect and preserve these important assets in the face of disaster. The region faces numerous hazards, including wildfire, drought, earthquake, tsunami, and severe storms. Increasingly, climate change is intensifying the threat of several of these. Two Wild and Scenic Rivers (the Klamath and the Smith), a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site (Redwood National and State Parks), and multiple Indigenous traditional knowledge and heritage collections are among the values at risk.

Our natural and cultural resources support our way of life and reflect our identity. There exists a growing body of evidence that shows cultural heritage protection leads to disaster recovery that is faster, with less conflict, and which leads

to overall community resiliency and strengthening.

As Del Norte County's newest volunteer emergency team, the NCRP3 Response Team is comprised of individuals from a multitude of disciplines with an interest and knowledge in natural and cultural resource protection and preservation. The Team serves as direct volunteers to Del Norte County OES, and members are onboarded directly as County volunteers. Team members develop skills to become cultural first aiders, and receive training to safeguard endangered cultural heritage during or immediately after an emergency.

(NCRP3 Disaster Plan) 

To learn more about NCRP3 and the Response Team, find the NCRP3 Disaster Plan here.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Del Norte OES at (707) 464-7255

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